From A Dream to Reality       

   As natives of the Washington, DC metro area, we grew up on Mombo Sauce and saw as the craze grew. When we reached college, we were surprised at how few people actually knew of the sauce; and those who did know of the amazing taste could only get it when they were back in the DC area. Then one day our roommate Taylor decided to make some for us. That’s when the idea was sparked!


   We decided to introduce students to a new way of readily getting Mombo Sauce. Starting off on a local scale, we began to manufacture a quality product and bring interest on and around campus. Within a few months of inception, Redd’s Mombo Sauce could be found at select locations in Maryland! After such positive feedback, it was obvious we needed to launch the online store to make it easier for customers to order in just a few clicks!


   Redd’s Mombo Sauce offers the perfect compliment to any dish. It is known to be used on chicken, burgers, fries, and marinades; but the possiblities are endless. We want to bring a DC classic to the forefront of BBQ and to a fridge or cupboard near you!!  



If you’re looking for a fix to scratch that itch, REDD'S MOMBO SAUCE is it!


Coming To a Plate Near You!

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